Balance and Fitness

Your body, mind and spirit are all affected by fitness and vice versa. At Doc's Diet, we believe that weight loss is not just affected by your physical fitness, but also what happens within oneself spiritually and mentally. Here are a few encouraging words for overall balance in regards to your mind and spirit as well as your physical body. Enjoy! 


Control what you can control. There are 3 categories that you truly have control over in your life: 1) Attitude 2) Effort 3) Preparation

Positive self-talk gets you far. This also affects your attitude. Be your number one fan. YOU are the most influential person in your life! Anytime a negative thought comes to mind, replace it with a positive one.

Believe in yourself. Believe you can accomplish whatever challenge you have in front of you. Thoughts control beliefs and beliefs control your actions!

Be tough. We are all born with the ability to overcome and persevere. You are more resilient than you know. Push yourself to new limits! 

Learn from your mistakes. If you are making mistakes on this journey, this means you are trying. Self-reflect, then move on to a stronger and better person with more knowledge and lessons learned.


Believe in something bigger than yourself. For myself, this is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This personal relationship has the power to motivate us into doing things we never thought we could do.

Pray/meditate every day. Take time each and every day to present to God your requests, worries, joys. Self-reflection can also help clear your mind.

Read your Bible or devotional. Pick up one of our daily devotionals in the office or find one at a bookstore. These readings are quick and easy, and can totally change your outlook on the day in a positive way.

Find a mentor or coach. This could be a friend, spouse, pastor or even Doc! Iron sharpens iron, and it is great to have another point of view when you are looking for ways to improve.